RJK Impex gladly supports you in finding and selecting the yarn qualities you require as well as in terms of providing professional and prompt services. Because of our Broad product range, we have been catering customers in various countries like Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy, France, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Turkey, Sri lanka, China, Thailand, Pakistan, Israel, Tunisia, Canada, UK, Northern Ireland and USA

Please find below the yarns that we can offer.

1) Cotton Combed Yarn / Cotton Carded Yarn
2) Cotton Gassed Yarn / Cotton Singed Yarn
3) Cotton Combed Compact Yarn
4) Cotton Combed Dyed Yarn
5) Cotton Combed Gassed Mercerized Raw White / Dyed yarn
6) BCI Cotton Yarn (Better Cotton)
7) Organic Cotton Combed Yarn
8) Viscose Yarn
9 ) Modal Yarn
10) Tencel yarn
11) Bamboo Yarn
12) Polyester Ring Spun Yarn
13) Blended Yarns (Polyester / Cotton) , (Viscose / Cotton) , (Modal / Cotton) (Tencel / Cotton) ,(Bamboo / Cotton) (Cotton /Lycra))
14) Melange Yarn / Cotton Melange / Viscose Melange / Polyester Melange / Polyester Cotton Melange /Viscose cotton Melange
15) MVS (Murata Vortex Spun Viscose / Polyester Yarn)
16) Polyester Texturized yarn and Polyester FDY Trilobal Bright Yarn
17) Non bulky and High Bulky Acrylic Yarn and Acrylic / Cotton Blended Yarn


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