Murata Vortex Spun Yarn

Product Description

High Quality MVS Yarns available in polyester, viscose, tencel, cotton and blends


Counts Available  

Ne 10/1 to Ne 40/1 MVS Yarn

MVS Polyester Yarn

MVS Viscose Yarn

MVS Cotton Yarn

MVS Tencel Yarn in Standard Tencel, Tencel LF and Tencel A100

MVS Polyester / Viscose Yarn

Polyester / Cotton MVS Yarns

Blends Available as per your request. 


Additional Information

Why MVS Yarn / Murata VORTEX Yarn?

The new fiber VORTEX created by VORTEX spinning provides diversified excellent functions. These functional and fashionable features make VORTEX highly recognized as the most appropriate material for casual wear, and many apparel companies leading the global market are developing high-value-added product using VORTEX. We recommend to used VORTEX for below excellent features

Less Hairiness :- VORTEX has the least of hairiness among all type of spun yarns

Resistance to Pilling :- The structure of VORTEX hardly emits hairiness, so pilling is extremely suppressed

Moisture Absorption :- VORTEX Spun yarn has a special fibre structure that makes absorbed water diffuse instantly, which provides refreshing feelings when wearing

Wash Resistance :- Vortex prevents waste fibre from being generated, so repeated washing hardly deforms clothes. 



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