Cotton Combed Compact Yarn

Product Description High quality cotton combed compact yarn made from Indian Cotton / USA Cotton / Egyptian Cotton / PIMA Cotton
Counts Available

Contamination Free Yarns
Cotton Combed Contamination Free Compact Yarn made from USA Cotton / Australian Cotton Ne 10/1 to Ne 40/1 for Knitting / Weaving & Ne 10/2 to Ne 40/2 for Knitting & Weaving

Contamination Controlled Yarns
Cotton Combed Compact Yarn made from Indian Cotton / Egytian Cotton Ne 20/1 to Ne 70/1 for Knitting / Weaving & Ne 20/2 to Ne 70/2 for Knitting / weaving

Additional Information Special counts can also be made against order.

 Compact Yarns available on Dye Tubes

Compact Yarn made on Reiter Machines

Compact Yarns made on Sussen Machines 


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