Melange Yarn

Product Description

High quality 100% Cotton Melange Yarn, 100% Polyester melange Yarn, 100% Viscose Melange Yarn, Cotton Viscose Melange Yarn , Polyester Cotton Melange Yarn, Polyester Viscose Melange Yarn

Counts Available

Ring Spun Melange Yarn

Ne 10/1 to Ne 40/1 

Ne 10/2 to Ne 40/2 

Compact Melange Yarn 

Ne 10/1 to Ne 40/1  Melange Yarn 

Ne 10/2 to Ne 40/2 Melange Yarn  

Gassed Mercerized Melange Yarn 

Ne 40/2 to Ne 60/2 Cotton Combed Gassed Mercerized Melange Yarn 

Additional Information

Melange yarn is innovative mix of different types of fiber to create magical textures in the resultant fabric. We offer Melange yarn for socks, for knitwear as well as to make woven fabrics


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