About us

Our Philosophy

“To provide good and consistent quality product at a competitive price and service to the complete satisfaction of our customers and thereby raise our performance to first class level as to maintain ourselves as the first choice of our customers“

Our Vision
“Our aim is to establish a dynamic global business house to provide unmatched value added sales and marketing support through striving for excellence in providing quality products and customers service at all the times”

Our Mission
To exist for our customers – These are the people around whom our business is built. Customers are one of our greatest assets and we pride ourselves on the relationships we have formed with many suppliers to provide consistent quality to our customers. Quality service will be the magnet attracting a growing, loyal customer base.

Core Values
The following list of core values reflects what is truly important to us in RJK Impex. These are not values that change from time to time, situation to situation or person to person, but rather they are the underpinning of our culture in RJK Impex.. The core values guide our work and our behavior. Each is intended to help describe our culture and play a significant part in our overall success. As important assets to our organization, these are to be embraced and practiced by each of us, every day.

At RJK Impex, we deliver what we promise in our personal and business relationships, demonstrating commitments, diligence and a sense or urgency in our efforts. We do right by always giving our best effort; we maintain steadfast ethics in all we do; we continually demonstrate open, honest, multi-directional communication.

At RJK Impex, we are totally focused and committed on our customers as measured in our customers` success; we exist to serve and make a difference in whatever we do, wherever we do it; we extend our superior service to all our customers.

At RJK Impex, we value loyalty and honesty manifested in true teamwork. we assume positive intent by everyone. By being dependable and trustworthy, we show our commitment to our customers. We respect and foster diversity. We strive to have fun while maintaining a high level of excellence in our performance.

At RJK Impex, we have a consistency of purpose in all that we do to strengthen our business.We embody the entrepreneurial spirit and pursue new endeavors and wise opportunities that foster growth and instill sustainability; we continually grow ourselves, both personally and professionally; we are flexible and adapt to change through being innovative and creative in all areas and thereby increasing our product baskets; we are agile in approaching the future.

At RJK Impex, we are absolutely responsive.We are self-managed in effectively fulfilling our roles and achieving positive results.

After all we deliver what we promise – each and every time, quality, reliability, efficiency and value for your investment, together with a personal service.

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