Modal Yarn

Product Description

High quality 100% Modal Yarn & Micro Modal Yarn made from Lenzing Fibre  

Counts Available

Ring Spun Modal Yarn & Micro Modal Yarn

Ne 20/1 Modal Yarn to Ne 40/1 Modal Yarn

Ne 24/1 Micro Modal Yarn to Ne 40/1 Micro Modal Yarn

MVS Micro Modal Yarn (Murata Vortex Spun Yarn)

Ne 10/1 MVS Modal Yarn, Ne 16/1 MVS Modal Yarn, Ne 20/1 MVS Modal Yarn, Ne 24/1 MVS Modal Yarn, Ne 30/1 MVS Modal Yarn for Knitting / Weaving

2 Ply Yarns also available on Request 

Additional Information

Modal & Micro modal Fabric remains wonderfully soft even after repeated washing and retains its brilliant color. Lenzing modal is the ideal partner for home textiles, daywear, intimate apparels and variety of knitwear application


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