Pneumatic Pet Strap Welding Machine & PET Straps

RJK Impex sells imported Pneumatic PET Strap Welding Machine Manufactured by Columbia M.J. Mallis Group, ITALY which is used for strapping cotton bales using pressing system.
Following is the Pneumatic Pet Strap Welding Machine which we offer-

Poli Welding Flat And Round Surfaces Pneumatic Strapping Tool Friction Weld Seal
Technical Data
Strap Quality PP/PET
Joint Type Friction weld seal
Package type flat / round suitable for strapping fibre bales using press sistem
Strap width 10-13-16-19 mm/ 3/8?-1/2?-5/8?-3/4?
Max Tension Only for welding strapping tool
Air Pressure From 5.5 upto 6.5 bar max / 78 - 92 PSI
Air Consumption 14 l/s welding /29 cuft/min
Weight Weight around 2,3 kgs / 5.04 lbs
Chart of Types
Model Item No Strap Width
Poli Welding 124.160.040 10-13-16-19 mm / 3/8? - 1/2? - 5/8? - 3/4?
PET Straps
RJK Impex also sells PET Straps which are manufactured inhouse. PET strap is a kind of new environmentally friendly strapping material to substitute steel strap and PP strap.

  • Excellent tensile strength and welding strength
  • Splendid tension maintenance
  • Good rust and chemical resistance
  • Superior flexibility for convenient operation
  • Easy, safe and economical to use


Technical Specifications
Size 15.5 mm x 0.76 mm
Length 75 inch
Weight 350 (+/-10 %) gram

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