Cotton Gassed Yarn / Cotton Singed Yarn


Product Description

High quality cotton combed gassed ringspun / compact / elitwist yarn made from Indian Cotton / Egyptian Cotton / Supima Cotton

Counts Available Contamination Free Gassed Yarns
Cotton Combed Contamination Free Ring Spun and Compact Gassed Yarns made from Supima Cotton Ne 50/2 to Ne 140/2 for Knitting / Weaving 

Contamination Controlled Gassed Yarns

Cotton Combed Ringspun Gassed & Compact Gassed Yarn made from Indian Cotton / Egyptian Cotton and Indian / Egyptian Blends Ne 40/2 to Ne 140/2 for knitting / weaving

Cotton Combed Gassed Elitwist Yarn made from Indian / Egyptian / Supima Cotton  

Additional Information

Fine Counts Like Ne 160/2, Ne 170/2, Ne 180/2 available on request 

Also available Ne 100/2 High Twist  Cotton Combed Gassed Yarn (ZZ Twist) for Voile Fabric


Gassed Yarn has following features which gives below advantages to knitters and weavers

  • Smoother Surface
  • Improved Reflection
  • Increased wettability
  • No frosty appearance
  • Better clarity in printing
  • Better dyeing characteristics
  • Improved visibility of the fabric structure
  • Less Pilling and decreased contamination through removal of fluff and lint
  • Ideal for high quality voiles, poplins, venetians and gabardines
  • Ideal for premium yarn dyed shirting, socks knitting and high end furnishing fabrics
  • Gives silky and lustrous appearances to the knitted and woven fabrics
  • Excellent performance on high speed looms and knitting machines and ensures higher resistance to yarn breakages. 



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