Viscose Yarn

Product Description

High quality 100% Viscose Yarn made from Lenzing Fibre or Birla Fibre 

Counts Available

Ring Spun Viscose Yarn

Ne 10/1 to Ne 40/1 Viscose & Ne 10/2 to Ne 40/2 Viscose Yarn for Knitting & Weaving in Raw White, Cone Dyed and Fibre Dyed

Open End Viscose Yarn

Ne 20/1 to Ne 30/1 Viscose Open End Yarn for Knitting & Weaving

MVS Viscose Yarn (Murata Vortex Spun Yarn)

Ne 10/1 MVS Viscose Yarn, Ne 16/1 MVS Viscose Yarn, Ne 20/1 MVS Viscose Yarn, Ne 24/1 MVS Viscose Yarn, Ne 30/1 MVS Viscose Yarn for Knitting / Weaving

Additional Information

Special Counts available on Request


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