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Wool and Wool Blended Dyed Yarns

Product Description

High quality 100% Merino Wool and Merino Wool Blended Yarns for Knitting and Weaving 

Counts Available For Flat Bed Knitting 2/24 NM, 2/28 NM, 2/36 NM, 2/48 NM, 2/60 NM, For Circular Knitting 1/30 NM to 1/90 NM For Socks Knitting 1/22 NM to 1/30 NM or 2/16 NM TO 2/28 NM, For Weaving 1/18 NM to 1/140 NM 
Additional Information

Blends: 100% Merino Wool, 100% Cashmere, Wool/ Cashmere, Wool/ Bamboo, Wool/ Silk, Wool/Linen, Wool/ Nylon, Wool/ Acrylic, Wool/Polyester


Special counts Available on Request, Can also offer Shrink Resistant Merino Wool Dyed Yarn 


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